a bone of the dog / the dog's bone [possessive forms]

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Hello everyone,

Would you please tell me if my understanding of these constructions is correct?

a) He found a bone of the dog. (= part of the dog’s skeleton?)
b) He found the bone of the dog. (= the bone belonging to the dog, the one it chews?)
c) He found the dog’s bone. (same as (b) = the one it chews ?)
d) He found a bone of the dog’s. (= one of the bones belonging to the dog)
(d) could refer either to a part of its skeleton or one of the bones it chews?)

Thank you for your help.
  • secretlife

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    Er - in short - yes -although I wouldn't phrase them quite like that. I would say for (d) he found one of the dog's bones. And that could mean (as you say) either part of his skeleton or one of the bones he chews.
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