'A book is like a garden in your pocket'


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In this thread at the Chinese forum they were discussing a translation for "A book is like a garden in the pocket", allegedly a Chinese proverb. On the other hand, the other day I saw it referred to as allegedly an Arabic proverb, here. Funnily enough, Chinese sources call it an English or American idiom, and I can't find any relevant results by googling possible translations into Arabic. Funnily enough, the one I found called it a Chinese proverb too (‏"يقول المثل الصيني...‏"‏‏)...

Could anybody bring some light to this?
  • terredepomme

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    Traditional Chinese cloths don't have "pockets." You stuff something up your sleeve or in your chest. It can't be a Chinese proverb.

    Just one of the many so-called proverbs attributed to China(or Confucius) to give it a mystical authority.


    I totally agree with terredepomme. There’s no such proverb in Chinese tradition to my knowledge. And he has given enough evidence to prove this truth. (I’m native Chinese speaker by the way;))
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