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Hi everyone,
Which article should I use in this context?

I like reading and want to tell my friend about a/the book I enjoyed. How can I say?

'A book I enjoyed or the book I enjoyed is called The Dream by Dorrie Williams. Lois has left school and is now a famous pop singer, etc.'

  • AnythingGoes

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    You've probably enjoyed more than one book. You should say a book I enjoyed to convey the fact that you've enjoyed many books and you're now going to discuss one of them.

    If you had only enjoyed a single book, you'd use the to indicate that you're discussing something specific: the one book that you've enjoyed.

    Uncle Jack

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    British English
    There are a number of reasons for using "the", and it depends very much on what has happened before.

    If you have already said that there is a book you enjoyed, and now you are saying which book it is, then use "the". If this is the first time you have mentioned enjoying a book, then "a" is probably better, but if you and the person you are talking to are discussing books you have enjoyed, then "one" might be better.


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    Your main sentence is "This book is called The Dream by Dorrie Williams." The sentence is about the book. Attempting to add another full-sentence idea "I enjoyed this book" is tricky. But it is possible.

    One common way people do this is using "one" (not "the/a") and removing "called":

    "One book I enjoyed is The Dream by Dorrie Williams. Lois has left school and is now a famous pop singer, etc."

    Often "one" and "a" have the same meaning. "One" emphasizes that it is just one of many books (that I have read). But this sentence is also correct using "A" instead of "One".
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