a booming male voice

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“You don’t need to thank me,” she said soothingly to a booming male voice on her cellphone. “I just wanted you to have a chance to make your case.
The above sentences are from a telepone from Obama's hometown mentor who was talking to Obama the president-elect.
What does "make your case" mean exactly? Incidentally, as to the booming, is the voice booming or the male's career is booming?
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    Hi, :)

    I'd say "booming" refers to the male voice. His voice is powerful and loud, especially when compared to her "soothing" voice.

    P.S. Please don't forget to search for older threads, and don't ask more than one question per thread. I found this entering "make one's case" in the dictionary on top of the forum -- I'm sure you'll find it interesting. Make the case, Make one's case. This thread is about "booming."
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