a boost onto the back of the Mustang

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  1. Quantz

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    A man drives a Mustang with his wife. Then he stops and gives her a bottle of whisky (she's an alcoholic).

    "I give her a boost onto the back of the Mustang, then jump beside her."

    I'm puzzled : if the "boost" is the alcohol, why "onto the back of the Mustang" ? And "jump beside her" ?

    They're supposed to be seated side by side… :confused:
  2. Michelvar

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    French from France
    Ma compréhension du truc, c'est qu'il la pousse à l'arrière de la mustang, puis la rejoint. Je pense que "a boost" c'est plutôt l'idée de lui pousser les fesses pour l'aider à passer derrière.
  3. misterk Moderator

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    To "boost" someone is to help lift him/her, often by pushing from below.
    A "boost" is the noun describing this motion.
  4. grubble

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    British English
    To boost is to lift or to assist in doing something. It means you add your strength or support to someone else's action or status.

    He liked meeting Janine; she always boosted his confidence. She helped him to feel more confident.

    He boosted her onto the Mustang means that she was trying to sit on the car and he helped her, probably by lifting her at the waist.

    The policeman boosted his colleague over the high wall. In this case we can guess that he cupped his hands and the other person stepped in them and was lifted upward.

    There is always an implication the the person boosted also made an effort.
  5. Quantz

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    I learned something : I thought giving a boost to someone was mostly non-physical.
  6. Rez de Logiciel New Member

    English - USA
    Timely. Solid rocket boosters have been in the news lately... and are quite physical. (pun intended).
  7. tobin87 New Member

    boost can also be used in a sense of energy. like drinking a cup of coffee to get a boost for the day or a energy drink. a booster can be someone/a group of people who help enthusiastically support a cause or raise money usually in high school or collegiate sports. a rocket booster is usually on a rocket or space shuttle. lot of uses to these confusing words

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