a boot camp-style class

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    Try "boot camp." From the WR dictionary:

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    "Boot" is U.S. Marine Corps/Navy jargon for "recruit," i.e. a newcomer.

    See: boot camp and existing discussions.

    boot camp
    boot camp ?

    SDG (U.S. Marine Corps, 1957-1961)
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    In the U.S. military, the initial training location is called a "boot camp," and trainees are even called "boots." I don't know why. It involves indoctrination, learning subordination, and physical conditioning, directed by traditionally harsh and assertive non-commissioned officers ("drill sergeants" in the Marine Corps; the equivalent "petty officers" in the Navy). The term has been extended in civilian life to any intense, structured training. It's often more of a marketing term than an accurate description, implying but not necessarily delivering extensive improvement in a short time.
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    I see. Thanks a million, everybody!

    To be honest, I find the term. i.e. boot camp, strange and confusing.

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