a boss gives one of his staff a piece of his mind

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Hi everyone~! :D

I have a question! Please help me on this!

Would you say like "The boss is giving a staff a piece of his mind." if you see a boss who talks with one of his staff for a mistake that the staff has made at work, especially when the boss is angry?

Do you think you would use the underlined part in the situation below?

You are at work. Passing by, you happen to see that your boss is yelling at your coworker(A). You come to the office and ask one of your coworkers(B) like "The boss is giving A a piece of his mind in the corridor. What happened? Did A make an big mistake?"
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    Yes, you're using it correctly. You wouldn't say "a staff" though. You could say "his staff," meaning all of them, or "The boss is giving an employee a piece of his mind" or just use the person's name like you did in the other example.
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