a bound galley

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What is "a bound galley"? Does it mean "a seagoing vessel that is tied to something ashore"?


Batarfi had it right, it now seems. Here is Najwa’s forthcoming account of their journey, according to a bound galley of “Growing Up Bin Laden” provided by St. Martin’s Press.

One evening he [Osama] arrived home with a surprise announcement: ’Najwa, We are going to travel to the United States. Our boys are going with us.’

-The New Yorker

Source:Osama in America: The Final Answer
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    This is a bound galley of a book, whose title is given in quotation marks.

    "Galley" is short for galley proof: a preliminary printing of a document on which editorial corrections will be made. (Galleys were, in the days of printing from metal type, large metal trays that held type for printing.)

    A "bound galley" is a galley whose pages are bound (the past tense of "to bind") between covers, much as a book would be.
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