a boutique freight forwarding team

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Hello all,

Can you please explain what boutique means in the below phrases? I was looking at job duties at an online job recruitment website and came across it.

I am wondering if it is to do with clothes or it just means small?

  • Initiative and desire to work within a boutique freight forwarding team

Thank you in advance.
  • ewie

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    Hullo 2Love. As in this previous thread, they probably intend it to mean 'small and specialized/exclusive' ~ it has nothing whatsoever to do with clothes shops. It's the kind of term used by advertising/PR¹/HR² people, so best avoided ... unless you work in advertising/PR/HR:)

    ¹ Public relations.
    ² Human resources.

    EDIT: Cross-posted with Esustad ... who was more polite about it:D


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    It's unusual in this context, but normally boutique means a small, usually expensive firm specializing in a narrow area. A law firm that does only business visas could be called a boutique law firm.
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