A bowl of cherries

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Hello. I would like to translate this English expression into Chinese. I first looked it up in an online dictionary and found that this expression was usually paired with "life". As in, "life is just a bowl of cherries".

I think I would translate "_____ is a bowl of cherries" as 一 切都很美妙。 "Life is a bowl of cherries" would be 人生很美妙。

Please let me know whether you think my translation is apt. Thanks.
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    That saying is often (not always) used to mean the opposite, so I'm trying to think of a translation that can work both ways.
    Opposite (Ironic):
    A: 你的路虎才剛被偷, 現在騎自行車又傷了腳, 真是屋漏偏逢連夜雨.
    B: 是啊, 人生是碗櫻桃, 各個酸甜可口, 事事盡合人意.(說反話自我解嘲)

    人生是碗櫻桃 ==> 有酸有甜, 究竟是自自然然地酸甜適中恰到好處, 還是多有酸澀難以消受, 就因人而異了. 不過, 多數人都喜歡吃櫻桃, 所以表面的意思是正面的(無需費神, 各個都自然地恰到好處, 諸凡順遂, 萬事如意)。
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