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Narayana Murthy has always been perceived as a capitalist with a difference, a homegrown international icon, a boy next door who made good but has his comment on the National Anthem disappointed India?

“I don’t think we should over do this. He chose a wrong word, he is such a votary of the English language and I am surprised that he used a word like embarrassment. He should have said that it is difficult for them to sing it, perhaps then there would have been no controversy,” Ananthamurthy said.

Please explain the highlighted ones.
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    A 'boy/girl next door' is someone we can all relate to, someone wholesome and likeable, a normal, good sort of person.

    '...who made good' - someone who has made good is someone who has been successful (and usually made a lot of money).

    'A capitalist with a difference' I imagine means that he is rich and powerful, but has a heart and is regarded fondly by most.


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    ... a boy next door who made good ...

    This idea, not necessarily those words, is a cultural idiom.
    The boy next door = a normal kid, nothing special.
    ... who made good = who, by his own merits and efforts, became a success in something - business, sport, arts, music, ... ... ... I dare say even politics.

    The idea is that he came from a very conventional, normal, home background.

    I can't so easily understand capitalist with a difference, not knowing the individual concerned. But I guess that he has well-known characteristics that distinguish him from the stereotypical capitalist.
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