a bracing assessment

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A bracing assessment of the war in Afghanistan from, @thomasjoscelyn, an analyst who is a master of the subject.
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The bracing assessment was made as the Morrison government turned up its pressure on Muslim leaders to do more to detect and report extremism in their midst, provoking an angry ...
source: theage.com.au

What does a bracing meaning with in collocation bracing assessment?

bracing: pleasantly cool or cold: we enjoyed a bracing walk on the beach.

Thank you.
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    Robust or refreshing, perhaps. It certainly isn't a word I would choose; it has far too strong positive overtones to use for an assessment of a war, particular as apparently unsuccessful a war as that fought in Afghanistan.

    Here is an image depicting "bracing" :):


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    refreshing; stimulating; invigorating

    "bracing" sort of combines this meaning with your meaning, in an intellectural sense. But not necessarily stimulating in a good way. Basically, what they mean is that reading the report is like having a bucket of cold water poured on you. Another synonym might be eye-opening. That term is generally used that way to reveal that it's bad news, and probably worse news than was previously believed. It's saying that there are big problems that need serious attention. In the past, those problems might been minimized or overlooked. It's another way of saying that it's more intellectually honest than previous reports might have been.

    They thought the war in Afghanistan was going reasonably well. This bracing report calls that idea into question.
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