a breach of the/x peace


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and after suffering a number of aggressions by Numidia, Carthage lost its patience and retaliated. Rome saw this as a breach of peace by Carthage, and, in the year 150, Rome's Senate voted for another war against Carthage.

Hi, is there any difference if it is "a breach of the peace"? I found that "the" is required in this page http://www.thefreedictionary.com/breach+of+the+peace Thanks
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    Yes, there is a difference. 'Breach of the peace' is an offence in law (e.g. shouting in a public library), whereas 'breach of peace' is an act of war (e.g. burning foreign cities)

    Beryl from Northallerton

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    If two civilisations are at peace with each other, then there exists a state of peace between them. If one suddenly decides to invade the other, then that state of peace has been breached (broken, interrupted). {War vs. Peace}

    If you're trying to get to sleep in your peaceful neighbourhood, and some drunken fool is keeping you awake by kicking an empty beer can up and down the street, whilst tunelessly chanting one and half verses of 'Living la Vida Loca' at the top the their lungs, then they could be arrested for 'breach of the peace', because they are depriving you of your right to silence. {noise vs. peace}
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