a break


What can you do with "a break"? Can you take a weekend break or you can only have a weekend break? Can you do a break?
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    No, you have to 'take' a break. It's any relatively short period of time spent away from your normal activity.

    It can be a coffee or tea break at work, a cigarette break.

    You can go away for a mid-week break if you really want a break from work. Or just a short four-day break if you want longer than a weekend, or whatever.

    You can take a break in a relationship. As Ross famously said to Rachel: "We were on a break!"


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    I agree, "take a break" is the usual verb. You can also "have a break." Someone that you work with might tell you to "go on a break" or "go on break" when they come to relieve you at your post. "Do a break" is definitely wrong. You can "be on break" if it is your time to take a break. If a student is away from school during the spring recess, he is on spring break.

    A break is almost always a relatively short interruption in something--usually work, but it can be a long interruption. "He took a ten-year break from teaching to research cancer cures, then he returned to his professorship at the university."
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