A breakfast person


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1: Besides work, what's something you enjoy getting up early for?
2: I was never really a breakfast person before but just recently I've come to realize that breakfast is awesome.

- Does"a breakfast person" in this context mean "a person who rarely has breakfast", correct?

Thanks very much!
  • Dimcl

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    No, just the opposite, NHHL. A "breakfast person" is someone who eats breakfast regularly, who enjoys eating breakfast. If I say "I'm a vegetable person", it means that I like vegetables. Conversely, you will also hear people say "I'm not a vegetable person" which means that, although they may eat them, they don't really enjoy them.

    If you re-read the second sentence, logic dictates that if he was never really a "breakfast person" but now enjoys it, then being a "breakfast person" means that you like breakfast.
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