A "bridging context" of an ancient book

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    Hi. I had to repost this, cause I can't really get the exact sense of the term "bridging " in this phrase. It is used in a description of a commentary about the book in the Bible. It says that one of the aspects of the commentary is it gives a "bridging context" of the book. Could it be kind of "contexto de acercamiento", in the sense of getting the reader closer to the book? or maybe it refers to the exact/precise/particular context?

    Chileno has told me that it means the book brings both books closer, but I guess the word refers to some bridging between the biblical book and its context. But in what sense?

    Thanks a lot
  2. albertovidal

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    Creo que intenta decir que se refiere a "un contexto en el que se salvan las diferencias"
  3. bambooozler Senior Member

    The verve to bridge normally means bringing something closer, this is certain for example 'to bridge the gap between two generations of people' means to bring these two together. In this case It means two things depending on the context itself:


    The comentary helps you get closer to the book spiritually for example.


    The comentary helps you to understand the book better.

    If I had to choose I would go with the first explanation.
    I hope this helps.
  4. Araukano Senior Member

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    Thank you two.
    Bambooozler, I think your second explanation fits better, for it says that other to aspects of the book are original meaning and contemporary significance, the latter being related to your first otpion, I guess.
    Thans a lot.

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