a broken heart


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from The Winter King by Bernard Cornwell:

Galahad was standing in the library's outer door, pleading with his father to come with us, but Ban just waved his son away as though his words were a nuisance. Then the door burst open and three sweating Prankish warriors rushed in. Galahad ran to meet them, but he had no time to save his father's life and Ban did not even try to defend himself. The leading Frank hacked at him with a sword and I think the King of Benoic was already dead of a broken heart before the enemy's blade ever touched him.

in the Russian translation, it is translated as some "infarct", a physical issue. I wonder if "broken heart" in English can mean that?
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    It isn't a physical condition in that sentence. It means he was very distressed, and the speaker believes he had already died of it before the sword touched him (or felt as good as dead because of his grief).

    heartbroken (WR dictionary): crushed by sorrow, grief, or anguish: heartbroken by the news.
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