a broken promise

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    Hello, I am unsure whether the two words for 'promise' in Spanish are interchangeable? And how do you translate a broken promise.

    What I need to translate:

    This increase came shortly after Nick Cleggs promise to abolish university entry fees; a broken promise which has severely damaged his reputation.

    Este incremento ha venido poco después del prometo (promesa?) de Nick Clegg de abolir las tasas de matrícula; una promesa/prometo incumplida/rota que ha dañado severamente su reputación.

    Thank you in advance
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    "prometo" is a verb from "prometer" and "promesa" is a noun. That's why grammar is so important to learn a new language.

    ...ha llegado poco después de que Nick Cleggs prometiera abolir/eliminar las tasas universitarias; una promesa incumplida/rota que...
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    Thanks! I always make mistakes trying to translate it too literally!

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