A bubble suspended in time


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Hello everyone
I am reading Life after life by Kate Atkinson. The paragraph below told about a girl who was going to assasinate a man.
"A move rehearsed a hundred times. One shot. Swiftness was all, yet there was a moment, a bubble suspended in time after she had drawn the gun and levelled it at his heart when everything seemed to stop."
I don't understand the phrase highlighted in bold. Is it a metaphor or something? Please help me! Thank you.
  • se16teddy

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    The metaphor is not very clear.

    A "bubble" ("living in a bubble") is sometimes a metaphor for an existence independent of one's surroundings. One can see the world outside the bubble but one does not play any part in it.

    The word "suspended" suggests stationary, not very fast.

    Sparky Malarky

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    This just means that she felt like time had stopped. This is a feeling that we get sometimes when we are very stressed. It is sometimes described as feeling as if everything is happening in slow motion.
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