a bull in a china shop


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Please help me.
Is there any equivalent to the idiom "a bull in a china shop" in Arabic?

The revelation that Trump and President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan spoke by telephone has probably now shattered any residual hope that the incoming US administration will be anything but a bull in a China shop.

Thanks in advance.
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    In Palestinian Arabic, we have an expression, متل البدوي اللي طالع عالمدينة, that I think could potentially work here. The idea is that a Bedouin who goes to the city for the first time is going to be out of place, not know what to do, probably commit some social blunders, act awkwardly, wreak some havoc, etc. I think this is similar to the analogy being made here with the English idiom.

    This is not an MSA expression, of course, but the analogy is pretty transparent (isn't it?), so I wonder if it could be used here:

    لا بد أن اكتشاف حدوث المكالمة الهاتفية بين ترامب وتساي إنغ ون رئيسة تايوان قد حطّم أي أمل متبقٍ برئاسة أمريكية قادمة ليست كالبدوي الذاهب إلى المدينة​

    Hmm...not sure I like it, but here it is.
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