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I need some help with this sentence:

"I want to buy Fernanda a bunch of flowers for her birthday"

I want to write this sentence changing the position of the indirect object. Here's my try:

"I wanto to buy a bunch of flowers for Fernanda for her birtday"

...:confused: I don't like this option though I think it is grammatically correct. Or maybe I should go:

"I want to buy a bunch of flowers for Fernanda as a birthday present"

I think this one is better but I need to know whether the first one is ok focusing on how I changed the position of the direct object..

Any help would be appreciated.
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    "I wanto to buy a bunch of flowers for Fernanda for her birtday"

    You are right, gramatically this is a correct sentence. However, your second attempt is preferable using "...as a birthday present", since it avoids overuse of the word "for" and therefore sounds better.

    Hope this helps.


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    While piling one "for" prepositional phrase onto another does not violate any grammatical rules, it is bad style. I don't see anything wrong with the first sentence. If you just wrote the second sentence as an exercise in changing an indirect object to a prepositional phrase, congratulations! You did it correctly. But don't do it outside the classroom or studying. :)

    Because the same preposition isn't repeated in two consecutive phrases, "I wanted to give a bunch of flowers to Fernanda for her birthday" would be better than the original second sentence. However, while we give to, we don't, in English, buy to.