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    I am looking for which word best suits the bus driver that I saw one day in Finland. I was at a Matkahuolto bus station, and there was a bus waiting at a platform. I was taking a bus but he didn't act as he's expected to behave (like seeing a passenger and asks where they go) but was busy with what he was doing. He was exceptionally slow, and reacted 3-4 seconds after the passenger said something to him. He looked so "unsafe" for a bus driver, that an old lady came up to him and asked him "onko kaikki hyvin?" where he answered "joo joo". She even told me to wear a seatbelt. He looked as if he had some drugs or seriously drunken (but hopefully not). It turns out that he was not in influence after all, and I arrived at my destination safe and sound.

    How can I describe such a situation?

    "Bussikuski oli niin outo ja hidas että se aiheutti huoli matkustajille. Hän näytti vaarallilta. Eräs nainen tulee kuskille ja kysyi onko kaikki hyvin. Mutta onneksi hänen ajaminen oli ihan ookoo." (??)
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    My attempt:

    The native speakers will probably have better suggestions for at least some parts of this.

    By the way, I took out "Hän näytti vaaralliselta" because that information already seemed clear from the sentence "... aiheutti huolta matkustajille".
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    This is quite all right. I'd replace 'pilvessä' with 'humalassa/kännissä', but only because it's much more likely he's drunk than high. I'd also replace 'näytti olevan' with 'vaikutti olevan', as the first alternative may imply it's evident he's drunk.

    Oh, and we say ongelmitta, not ongelmatta.

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