A bust was staged

A bust was staged just to produce the infamous bag of crack so that Bush could wave it around as a threat to Americans of the importance of the continued support (i.e., funding) of the war on drugs. Bush, in effect, created a myth to lend legitimacy to his cause.
Does the 'A bust was staged' means 'a bust was erected'? But it does't seems make any sense.Can anybody help me? many thanks.
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    Not exactly.

    Staged = Created or arranged. It fits this definition in the WR dictionary: Staged

    In this context, it wasn't a real drug bust but a created one, designed so that Bush could use it in his speech and thus impress his listeners.


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    Yes, you understand it correctly now. :)
    I can understand why you might have been confused.

    I see that our dictionary does not have this definition for bust as a noun, but it does have the related meaning for bust as a verb. (See #5.)
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