a caballo entre dos épocas

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  1. Paulatina Cosafina New Member

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    Hola, me gustaría que me ayudaran con esta frase:
    "Este acontecimiento, a caballo entre dos momentos históricos (la guerra y la posguerra)...".
    Mi propuesta:
    "This event, occurred between two historical moments (the war and the post-war)...".
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  2. Wandering JJ

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    British English
    I think you need to avoid a conjugated verb (occurred) to agree with the original. Something like:

    "This event, halfway between two historical moments..." You could also say "This event, occurring between two historical moments..."
  3. Paulatina Cosafina New Member

    Spanish - España
    Thanks a lot!
  4. SydLexia Senior Member

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    UK English
    But.... what event was it? I ask because there doesn't logically seem to be a time for anything to happen 'between the war and the post-war period'.

    Was this an event that took place at a particular point in time, or was it something that took place over a longer time?

  5. Ferrol Senior Member

    I think " this event spanning two historical moments..." fits better as a translation than halfway
  6. Paulatina Cosafina New Member

    Spanish - España
    SydLexia, it is the physical and moral rehabilitation of survivors of nazi concentration camps: it started during the liberations, that is, during the war, but it took a while, so it finished during the postwar period.

    The sentence means here something like you cannot adequately understand this event (the rehabilitation of these survivors) if you don't know properly both contexts.
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