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How would you translate the expression "a caballo entre" to English?
this is the sentence:

este viaje a caballo entre lo poético y lo cómico....

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    Yo lo traduciría simplemente como: "between" + ....
    Dado que al ser una expresión algo rara no creo que quede muy bien intentar traducirla literalmente.
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    También: halfway between the... :tick:
    I agree! This has nothing to do with "horseback riding" ;)... What it means, literally, is that the trip is halfway between poetic and comical, it's somewhere between a poetic trip and a comical trip, it's half poetic and half comical. We don't have much context to go by, so I don't really know if this makes sense but that's what "a caballo" means in this case :).
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    Me gustaría decir "straddling", pero creo que se refiere solamente a una cosa, no a dos.
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    Straddling the macabre and the unintentionally comic is Museo Histórico Policía
    También: halfway between the...
    Straddling can refer to 1 thing, or to 2 things. Consider, when you straddle a horse then your legs are spread apart widely. If you are straddling two things, such as two widely spaced rocks in a stream, then your feet are similarly spread apart. It is also possible to straddle two different concepts, spreading yourself out mentally.
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