1. Nadds

    Nadds Member

    Madrid, Spain
    Spain Spanish
    How would you translate the expression "a caballo entre" to English?
    this is the sentence:

    este viaje a caballo entre lo poético y lo cómico....

  2. ClimbEveryMountain

    ClimbEveryMountain Senior Member

    Murray, KY
    Me suena como a... this trip by horse, between poetic and hilarious...
  3. grubble

    grubble Senior Member

    South of England, UK
    British English
    This journey on horseback, between the poetic and the comical...

    or better in my opinion:

    This journey on horseback, between the poetic and the absurd...
  4. anigmar Member

    Español - España
    Yo lo traduciría simplemente como: "between" + ....
    Dado que al ser una expresión algo rara no creo que quede muy bien intentar traducirla literalmente.
    Un saludo.
  5. jasminasul

    jasminasul Senior Member

    Spanish Andalusia
  6. Andoush

    Andoush Senior Member

    Mallorca, Spain
    Spanish (Argentina)
    I agree! This has nothing to do with "horseback riding" ;)... What it means, literally, is that the trip is halfway between poetic and comical, it's somewhere between a poetic trip and a comical trip, it's half poetic and half comical. We don't have much context to go by, so I don't really know if this makes sense but that's what "a caballo" means in this case :).
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  7. Poquoson711

    Poquoson711 Senior Member

    USA, Virginia
    English - USA
    Straddling can refer to 1 thing, or to 2 things. Consider, when you straddle a horse then your legs are spread apart widely. If you are straddling two things, such as two widely spaced rocks in a stream, then your feet are similarly spread apart. It is also possible to straddle two different concepts, spreading yourself out mentally.

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