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    Silvio Rodriguez has a song where he starts many lines with "a caballo" and many don't really make sense translated "on horse or horseback". What are the other possibilities for meanings for this phrase?

    Some of the lines include "A caballo llegamos al vicio", "A caballo el amor galopando hacia el premio mayor", and "A caballo el amor desbocado a todo tambor".

    - gred
  2. fsabroso

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    It's his way to say how fast we do things.
  3. Thel

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    Hi there!
    The only expression with "a caballo" is "estar a caballo entre dos cosas", "being midway between two things" (for example), but I do not think this is rellevant here :S
    I understand the examples you have given in a literal way (ie a caballo=on horse), though the texts are very poetical and the usual word order is altered. I'd say, in English (though of course it doesn't read so well as Silvio Rodríguez :) )
    1) We get to vice on horseback
    2) Love gallops on horse towards the greatest prize.
    3) Love bolts on horse in style (a todo tambor is an expression meaning in style or in a very visible manner -sorry I can't make myself clearer!)
    Hope it helped!
  4. gred Senior Member

    USA English
    Yes - you were both very helpful - thanks.

    I think he captures the overall idea in the first line of the song, and it fits with being the overall speed of life - "A caballo comienza el delirio de esta carrera".

    - gred

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