A cada rato me suenan mensajes

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Meaning phone message notifications. What's the verb you use for this Spanish "sonar" in this case? I know if it's a call it's "to ring", but what about notification sounds? "To sound"?

My attempts at translating the sentence "A cada rato me suenan mensajes":
- My phone messages are constantly sounding.
- Messages are constantly sounding on my phone.
- My phone messages are constantly ringing.
- Messages are constantly ringing on my phone.

I know this doesn't sound right and you probably use a phrasal verb that I don't know.
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    Catalan - Majorca / Spanish - Spain
    Sí pero mejor esperemos a nativos porque mi intuición me dice que eso de sounding o ringing no queda muy natural cuando se trata de una notificación del móvil.


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    What I usually hear is something like

    My phone is constantly going off when people send me messages.
    I get too many notifications on my phone.
    My message notifications are constantly pinging.

    “Ringing” es otra cosa. Los teléfonos móviles normalmente no “ring” sino “go off”.

    Pero los “notifications” en sí no “go off”. Hablando de “notifications” en un teléfono se sobrentiende que hacen un ruido. Lo de “ping” sirve si quieres insistir en utilizar una palabra específica para el sonido. O inclusive “make noise”.

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