A car accident on private property

Hello everyone!
There is a line from a movie: "The crash was on private property, so there is no official comeback." There were two cars involved, both driving by policemen, both were damaged, the policemen were injured, but those cars were their own, not the police ones.
Would you mind telling me if those words "on private property" regarded a lot, where the smash was, or with their cars? Sort of, those were your cars, no damage to the police cars, so that is your problem.
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    "The crash was on private property" does mean what Franco-Filly says: on private land, not on a public street.

    But: Was this an actual line in an English-language movie, or a subtitle? If the latter, it could have been a slight mistranslation and the line might have been "The crash involved private property", which might have referred to the fact that the cars were the private property of the police officers rather than official police cars owned by the city.
    to Parla
    It was a subtitle. I'll check what actually was said, thank you. Just it is quite odd that there were the injured people and the crash was pretty serious, but the road police did not have any questions.
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