a car pool lane

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Finnish, Finland
dear english speakers,
what's a "car pool lane"? what's the good thing about it? who can use it and why?
  • jess oh seven

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    A "car pool" is when multiple people share a car on their way to work or school, in an effort to save money and cut down on pollution, and generally be more economical.

    A car pool lane is a lane on the road that is designated for these cars.


    Français - France
    Yes, I was amazed recently in a trial a woman fought the fine (ticket) she got for being alone in her car on the carpool lane.

    She pretended she was not alone as she was pregnant. She lost.


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    English, US
    In many cities it is common to see 7 or 8 lanes of traffic totally stopped during rush hour. One thing that can be seen in US cities is that the vast majority of the cars have only one person inside, resulting in many cars on the road.

    As mentioned before, carpool lanes are meant to encourage people to ride to work with multiple people in the same car. They are specially designated lanes of traffic on the same highways that, by law, are accesible only to cars with more than one person in them. The incentive to drive in these lanes is that they are supposed to offer faster travel speed and quicker travel times.

    I like the story about the pregnant woman.
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