A car whose alarm was going off

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"Whose" can be apply to objects, like a car?
Or whose is just for people. Can I say:

There was a car parked right in front whose alarm was going off every 5 minutes.

Should I use which for a car instead of whose? But which means "el cual/lo cual" something stated earlier... I'm almost sure I can use whose for the example above, but I would need confirmation.

  • Amapolas

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    Castellano rioplatense
    "Whose" se usa tanto para personas, como para animales, como para objetos inanimados.

    Edit: Fíjate en los ejemplos que hay en el diccionario de la casa, y podrás comprobarlo. :)

    The Newt

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    You can use "whose" for objects. We often avoid the issue by saying, for example, There was a car outside with its alarm going off...
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