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Hello everyone,

I would like to ask a person whether he could send me "a copy of each email he sends to my employees". I mean, everytime he sends an email to one or more of my employees he should put my name in the CC box. Here are my attempts:

&) Could you please send me a carbon copy of each email you send to my employees?

2) Could you please send me a carbon copy of all the emails you send to my employees? Maybe this second sentence is not correct because it gives the impression that I will be receiving just one carbon copy with all the emails the person send to my employees.

On the other hand, the verb "send" features twice, which might make my sentence a bit awkward...

Would you help me to phrase an impeccable sentence?

Thank you very much in advance for your help!
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    Yes, it is a bit unusual to talk about carbon copy these days although that is what CC stands for.

    Millie suggests CC used as a verb, which is fine particularly in more informal contexts. Otherwise you can say something like:

    • Could you put me in the CC list when you send email to my employees?
    • Could you copy me in on your emails sent to my employees?


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    hi KobaMaya, no, I would not say cc me 'on' an email. The CC goes 'in' to the email. Similarly, for short, we often say, 'can you please copy me in on that?', or 'I've copied you in'.

    So equally, you could say, "Can you please copy me in to every mail you send to my employees?"
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