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Hi, I am translating a bank document into English and have a question. The original says:
El Banco aceptará depósitos en la Cuenta de Ahorros, en su oficina Central o en cualquiera de sus agencias, en moneda de curso legal y en cheques a cargo de éste o de otros Bancos.
My attempt:
The Bank will accept deposits in the Savings Account, in its central office or in any one of its agencies in legal currency and in checks drawn on this or other banks.
Any advice? Thanks so much for any help. I really appreciate it!
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    I don't know if this was ever answered.

    I'm having a similar problem translating "a cargo de" as well.

    The original phrase in Spanish says: "los cuales son créditos a cargo de Acme".

    So far, I'm thinking about translating it as follows:

    "such credits are drawn against Acme"

    I know it's not perfect, but it's the best I could do.

    Thanks in advance for all your help.


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    Here it goes. I had to remove certain info due to confidentiality. Hope you get the idea without the kind of credit in the sentence.

    Thanks in advance.

    "El Cliente desea recibir como pago total por la compra de los Productos ciertos créditos de XXX por la cantidad de $00.00 más el correspondiente impuesto al valor agregado, los cuales son créditos a cargo de Acme, inscritos en sus libros."

    "Client wishes to receive as full payment for the purchase of the Products certain XXX credits for the amount of $00.00 plus the corresponding value added tax, which are credits drawn against (upon?) Acme, recorded in its books."

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