a cargo del demandado

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    Hola estimados:

    Me pueden ayudar con esta terminologia:

    En preparacion de las pruebas admitidas, para el desahogo de la prueba confesional ofrecida por la parte actora a cargo del demandado, se comisiona al actuario a citar al demandado.

    Mi intento:

    In preparation of the admitted evidence, in order to hear the reply to the interrogatories offered by the plaintiff on behalf of the respondent, the clerk is empowered to summon the respondent.

    Si entiendo correctamente, o mas bien no se si entiendo pero la prueba confesional viene siendo "reply to interrogatories" ofreciadas por "the plaintiff, la parte que no entiendo es "a cargo del demandado"

    Ayudenme por favor! Y gracias de antemano.
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    I have always known "a cargo de" to mean 1)to be discharged by; 2) at the expense of/ borne by; 3) in charge of, entrusted to. I think #2 is the one that applies here.

    My attempt:

    ........in order to answer plaintiff's interrogatories (or better yet, the moving party's interrogatories), which are at the expense of the respondant, the clerk is authorized to issue a summons to the respondant.

    In legalese, we say "answers to interrogatories" not replies. Also, it sounds strange to me to say "the clerk is empowered to summons a person". Generally we say: the clerk issued a summons not that they summoned you. A judge or the Court summons you to appear.
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    Thank you very much, sometimes I'm too literal, but only because I wouldn't want to omit something.

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