A cat in gloves catches no mice

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  • Josh_

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    Hello KittyGato, and welcome to the forums.

    I love a good proverb. My try at a literal translation in standard Arabic is:

    الهر الذي يرتدي قفازا لا يصتاد الفئران
    al-hirru alladhi yartadi quffaazan laa yaStaadu 'l-fi2raana

    My try in Egyptian colloquial:

    القط اللي يلبس جوانتي ما بيصتادش فيران
    il-2uTT illi yilbis guwanti ma-byiStad-sh firaan

    But for a definitive answer you can wait for a native speaker to reply.
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    Welcome,KittGato16, to the Arabic forum.

    I see Josh's translation is literal though it is an idiom..
    Which means if not mistaken:
    لا ينفع الحذر مع القدر
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