a [cathartic] journey


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The quotation comes from http://www.economist.com/blogs/prospero/2017/04/monsters-and-masculinity

Quotation: Now—stay with me here—Gloria quickly discovers that she is unconsciously controlling the creature through a portal at her local playground. It turns out her friend Oscar has this power as well, although his alter-ego manifests as a giant robot.

For those of us who have maligned her, the film offers a cathartic journey. We start out annoyed with Gloria for making such a mess of her life, but she wins back our esteem by learning to use her powers for good. It would be easy enough for Gloria to simply stop killing people by virtue of avoiding the playground portal, but Oscar emerges as a foe.
Hi everyone! i believe "cathartic" here means "relieving of emotional tensions, esp. through a work of art, as of tragedy". But how does it work? "relieving those of us who have maligned her of emotional tensions"? :confused:
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