a central, <curated> clearing-house

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I understand "curated" as "functioning like a museum." What is the more accurate meaning of "curated" here?

Because analyses must be done immediately and often under hazardous conditions, quickly accessible funding (such as the RAPID program of the U.S. National Science Foundation) at the federal, state, and local levels could ensure that ephemeral data will be collected and findings delivered to decision-makers as needed. During a crisis, a central, curated clearing-house for data and scientific information can improve scientific collaboration, speed up analyses, and build public trust.

Source: Science Science during crisis
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    Clearing-house and database are the same concept here :D

    Curated databases
    A curated database is any kind of structured repository such as a traditional database, an ontology or an XML file, that is created and updated with a great deal of human effort. For example, most reference works (dictionaries, encyclopaedias, gazetteers, etc.) that we used to find on the reference shelves of libraries are now curated databases; and because it is now so easy to publish databases on the web, there has been an explosion in the number of new curated databases used in scientific research. Curated databases are of particular importance to digital librarians because the central component of a digital library - its catalogue or metadata - is very likely to be a curated database. ... The value of curated databases lies in the organisation, the annotation and the quality of the data they contain.
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