A ceremonial, non-binding, written pledge


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What would you name a document where you as employee are asked to sign to show the intention to follow the rules and not to commit something against the rules? This is not really legally binding, and so yes, it's not really an oath or a pledge. But for the sake of reminding everyone to comply with rules after having a recent case in which one of their employees have broken the rules and got punished, if a group in a company is going to publish this kind of notice, what would you call it?

I think "oath" or "written plege" sound quite big and the second one, I haven't even seen it. Oath is something you would do only when swear into office or stand before the jury.

You might not have this in your culture, but there CAN be a way to call this.
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    A code of conduct?
    It IS a sort of a code of conduct, but that's one that's usually already made whenver you enter whatever group. This one's one-time occassion just to remind everyone the thing that's so obvious--compliance with the regulations. And problably you'll never get to sign on a code of conduct unless you're in charge of it or as the head of a company. This one is more of a collection paper for signatures from people to show their supports, but this one exerts a bit of more compulsion.
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