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Hi I need to translate this:

'Obviously, I can only withdraw a certain amount from the ATM every day.'

I'm struggling to express the idea of 'a certain amount', though. This is my attempt:

当然, 我每天从ATM机能取出的额度是有限的。

Does this make any sense? How would you say it naturally? Thanks!
  • Ghabi

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    Hello! I think the calque 一定 for "certain" has become quite standard in contemporary speech. So perhaps you can simply say: 不用说,我每天只能从ATM提取一定的金额.

    Ben pan

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    当然, 我每天从ATM机能取出的额度是有限的。
    This sentence is natural too.


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    I think 额度是有限的 is as good as 一定的金额, or even better. 一定的金额 may sometimes give people a misconception that, say, you can only withdraw 1000 from the ATM, not 999, not 1001.

    But your sentence will be more natural if it's 当然, 我每天从ATM机取出的额度是有限的。
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