a certain factor or factors

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It's a question about singurality and plurality.

1) a certain factor
2) a certain factors
3) certain factors


4) some form of creationism
5) some forms of creationism

I'm sure 1) and 3) are correct, but how about 2) a certain factors. I have come across the expression in my reading. Isn't "a" used to modify "factor," thus it has to be singular?

As for 4) and 5), I think they are both ok. In 4) "some" means "certain", but in 5) "some" means "a few" or things like that. Is your understanding correct?
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    1 and 3 are correct; 2 is incorrect

    4 = a form of creationism (you're not sure which form, but it's definitely creationism of a sort)
    5 = some (among the many kinds) of creationism
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