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иWhat i'm trying to say is this;
When walking to university I pop into a cafe for a coffee, never buy one from the university, it's impossible to find a good one.

...в то время пройдя до университета, я захожу в кафе купить кофе, ни в коем случае покупайте один у университета....

whilst i may have made a few other errors, the main thing i'm struggling with is how to define 'i go to A cafe, to buy a coffee' as opposed to 'THE cafe'.
Maybe; я захожу в каком кафе?

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    По пути в университет я захожу в какое-нибудь кафе за кофе (никогда не покупайте кофе в университете, там невозможно найти хороший/там хорошего кофе не бывает).

    ни в коем случае покупайте один
    We don't replace nouns mentioned before with "one".


    You do not have to use anything to make "cafe" the cafe, or a cafe.
    In a context provided it is typically understood whether you mean any cafe, or a particular one, which then becomes "the cafe".

    We do not have articles (strictly speaking) in Russian, but there are words or expressions that make it clear whether "any" or "particular one" is meant, which may or may not be used.


    (I am separating from my pack somewhere in a place unknown, saying that I want to go to find a cafe and to have a cup'o'joe).

    - Я пойду, зайду в кафе - кофе хочется (I'm gonna find me a cafe - I need some coffee).

    Here there are no particular word that says it is "a cafe" - it is understood from the context, as we do not know the place and I will be thus looking for any cafe on my way.

    If I wanted to, I could use "какое-нибудь" in front of "кафе". That however would not change much at all.


    Now, my friend and I going down the familiar street, where we know there is a good coffeehouse 'round the corner.
    I say:

    - Пойдем зайдем в кафе, я эспрессо хочу. (Let's drop by the cafe, I need some espresso).
    - Пойдем. Они, кстати, только что новую Марзоку получили. (Agreed. BTW, the have just got the new La Marzocca (a brand of commercial espresso machine)).

    Here it is clearly "the cafe" as we are speaking of something we know well. But, again - no articles.
    If I wanted to, I could've used "в наше", meaning "our regular" when used towards a place. Again, would not change anything.
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