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a company was charged by regulators (in Denmark); can I say that there was a charge against it?

(...) The company is also under investigation in Norway for not notifying the market about the charge against its subsidiary in Denmark.
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    I see no problem with this phrase. The context makes it clear that you are talking about an accusation rather than some other type of charge.


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    I'm not so sure - the context would also permit you to talk about a financial charge (let's say a write-off of some kind). It would be better to be more explicit. (The charge of xxx).


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    You're welcome.

    As long as your article or paper is clearly about companies that have been charged with criminal activity, Leafka, the context should be clear. Because you asked similar questions yesterday, I assume that you have the same larger context in mind when you ask about the "charge against" phrase in this thread. If for some reason you veered off into a discussion of financial charges in your text, your context would no longer be clear.

    If you'll take the time to explain clearly to members what you are writing about, you may avoid receiving conflicting, confusing replies to your questions.
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