A chiarire la dinamica dell'azione

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  1. candel Senior Member

    english Irish.

    This is a well-known word but it is a little problematic for an English-speaker.

    Regarding a Greenpeace action to highlight the dangers of nuclear power, especially of plants that are over thirty years of age.

    A chiarire la dinamica dell'azione sono stati il ministero dell'Interno e l'Ente nazionale per l'energia: gli attivisti, hanno chiarito, "non sono riusciti a penetrare nelle aree di sicurezza" della centrale, "in particolare nelle sale di comando" e non ci sono stati pericoli per la sicurezza.

    To run through the chain of events was present the minister for internal affairs and the national energy agency, they explained, "They didn't manage to penetrate into the secure areas of the facility..."

    Can someone explain the use of dinamica here please?

    Grazie molto.
  2. Crix Senior Member

    Italian/Spanish (bilingual)
    Hello candel,

    "dinamica dell'azione" is a commonly used standard phrase to indicate how an action /several actions have occurred, how they have interacted between each other (causes & effects) and their time sequence. It has to do with the "dynamics" of the entire pisode.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Passante

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    Dinamica dell'azione= as the fact/ event happened/ unfolded non so se ho scritto bene, ma significa come sono successi i fatti dell'evento come si è svolta l'azione

    ps visto ora l'altro aiuto spero rafforzi
  4. alicip

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    Italiano ITA-Romeno ROU-Inglese AmE
    I would say: "...the minister and...explained how things happened..."
    I don't know if you can use "to piece facts together" in your context. :confused:
  5. rrose17

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    Canada, English
    I think you should use the past perfect here as in

    The Minister ...explained how (the chain of) events had unfolded...
  6. candel Senior Member

    english Irish.
    Rrose17 gives a very good example of how it might sound in English as did Alicip...all contributions were very helpful though...grazie..:)
  7. rrose17

    rrose17 Senior Member

    Canada, English
    Just to add that another common and very neutral term journalists use for situations like this is "...how the events had transpired".

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