A city in which you find different architecture


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Can I express a city in which you find different architecture as follows:

"In our country a city epitomizing distinct architecture is called X."

PS:should you think I have not used a correct way to imply the intended meaning, please let me know how I can say it!

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  • suzi br

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    Hiya, what is your audience for this?

    What you have written does not really sound very idiomatic.
    We would not say a city is called, we would probably start with the city's name:
    London offers a great range of distinct architecture from different periods.


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    As a general reader, I would have no idea what "district architecture" was, unless it was explained. If it is explained elsewhere in whatever work this is going into, I would have no problem with using "epitomize," given Suzy's caveat: Chicago epitomizes district architecture.
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