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  1. kayokid

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    I am trying to translate the following sentence into German: Today we will start with a clean slate.
    The context is: We are working on a project and there have been a number of problems. They have been solved and today we are starting fresh/with a clean slate.
    My attempt: Heute fangen wir noch einmal von vorne an.
    Kann man auch: Heute beginnen wir neu. sagen? Or is there a better expression?

    Many thanks!
  2. berndf Moderator

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    This is a very idiomatic thing to say. It is absolutely fine.
  3. kayokid

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    Vielen Dank, berndf!
  4. plunger New Member

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    Reinen Tisch machen. ( This expression was found in the novel Lauf, Jane Lauf, by Joy Fielding. The context was the following:
    "Lieber ganz neu anfangenL ie Vergangenheit ausloeschen. Reinen Tisch Machen.) I hope it helps; am hardly more than a beginner.
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    And in Latin it's "Tabula Rasa" :D

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