a clear [holder, folder]

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    American English
    I call them "clear folders." And I have some three-inch-wide plastic things that I put many of them in and I call them "folder holders," but I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't make that up.

    Added: Here's a picture of my folder holders, except that mine are attractive. :)


    I call them clear folders; however both ways make sense. I understand what you meant right away so it's safe to assume you can use either :)


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    British English
    I've never heard anybody say "clear holders" and if your question had not asked about "clear folders" I would not have had the faintest idea of what you were talking about. I suggest that you do not go into a shop* and ask for "clear holders", because if you do the shop assistant may well look puzzled.

    * I'm talking about shops in the UK, of course, I don't know how Canadian shop assistants might react.
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