a clear middle A touched by a master

Dr. McFly

No entiendo esta oración puntual. Alguien podría ayudarme?
Les dejo el contexto completo donde aparece.
Es una nota perteneciente a Kora in Hell, de William Carlos Williams.

The little Polish Father of Kingsland does not understand, he cannot understand. These are exquisite differences never to be resolved. He comes at midnight through mid-winter slush to baptise a dying newborn; he smiles suavely and shruggs his shoulders : a clear middle A touched by a master -but he cannot understand. And Benny, Sharon, Henrietta, and Josephine, what is it to them? Yet jointly they come more into the way of the music. And white haired Miss Ball! The empty school is humming to her little melody played with one finger at the noon hour but it is beyond them all. There is much heavy breathing, many tight shut lips, a smothered laugh whiles, two laughs crack- ing together, three together sometimes and then a burst of wind lifting the dust again.
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    The note "middle A", which is above middle C, has a frequency of 440 Hz. "touched by a master" means played by a master musician. The musician here may be Miss Ball?

    The poem is an improvisation, which presents a number of themes (like music) but doesn't lend itself to explanation.
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