a cleft sentence with "whose"

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Hi, forum

How should I shift a sentence into a cleft one with "whose"?

I lost uncle Bill´s address.

My try:
It was uncle Bill´s address that I lost.
I think this sentence is correct, but can this one be shifted
further with "whose"? Like

It was Bill whose address that I lost.
Or should it be
It was Bill whose address I lost.

Thank you.
  • heypresto

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    I don't know what a 'cleft' sentence is, but in the first two instances 'it' refers to Bill's address, but in the second two, 'it' refers to Bill himself.

    So I'd say no, the first sentence can't be shifted further with 'whose'.


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    Your cleft sentences are fine, Yichen. You don't have to use "that" in your last version: It was Bill whose address I lost. Adding "that" to the statement is also OK, but it doesn't sound as smooth or natural to me.
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