"A clock" or "a watch" is the contracted form of the other words or expressions ?

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Someone told me that "A clock" or "a watch" was the contracted form of the other words or expressions. Is it right or wrong? If it is right, what word or expression it is.
Plaese discuss on this!
I need your help.
Thank you.
  • ewie

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    Hello TallSM. I wouldn't call either clock or watch a 'contracted' form of anything. They might be 'abbreviated forms' of, e.g. alarm-clock and stop-watch.
    Yes, QD, o'clock is a contraction of of the clock


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    Clock derives from mediaeval Latin clocca = bell

    Watch derives from Old English waeccan = awake

    Neither word is a contraction of anything. It seems more likely that you have a mishearing for o'clock.
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