a closed circle is built (passive voice)

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  1. CHF Senior Member

    Español, Argentina

    Estoy traduciendo esta frase:
    "De esta manera se construye un círculo virtuoso cerrado entre las creencias y las interpretaciones."

    Mi primer intento:
    "Thus, a closed virtuous circle is built between beliefs and interpretations."

    Pero no sé por qué me suena que está mejor dicho así:
    "Thus, a closed circle between beliefs and interpretations is built."

    ¿Alguien me puede ayudar?

    ¡Muchas gracias!
  2. Bigote Blanco Senior Member

    Either way sounds fine to me. I'd personally use the first, but it may depend on context.
  3. 0xStephx0 Member

    mexican spanish
    Both can be right, but think about this: is it the Virtuous circle what is described by "between beliefs and interpretations"? or is it the construction?
    if it is the circle what is being described, the second sentence makes more sense because you are saying where the circle was built.
    if it is the construction, the first one makes more sense, because you are saying how the construction was made was built.

    This one is a little hard because is more about interpretation instead of grammar, I hope that my opinion is useful :)
  4. CHF Senior Member

    Español, Argentina
    Thank you very much Bigote and Steph!

    I think the first sentence makes more sense, then, because it is important to point out how the circle is made.

    I don't know why, at first I thought it all had to do with some grammar rules about the passive voice.

    It's good to learn so many things every day!


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