1. MyNaMeIsSaM New Member

    Hello everybody!!

    Does anybody know the translation into English of "cococho"? I want to say andar o estar "a cocoho"... It's a very informal terminology from Argentina. If you don't know what is it, tell me.

    Bye, bye. KISSES :)
  2. irene.acler Senior Member

    Trento - Italy
    No conozco la expresión " a cococho". Pues explicar su significado? Gracias!
  3. MyNaMeIsSaM New Member

    Hello irene.. It is the action of getting on somebody's back so that you sit on him/her and your legs are hanging from her/his shoulders. It's an action that is usually done by parents and children. Do you understand the expresion now? or Do you have a clearer idea? I hope so, and thanks for your answer. Bye, bye :)
  4. LaReinita

    LaReinita Senior Member

    East Coast, USA
    USA (Northeast Coast)-Inglés
    [​IMG] Do you mean this? It's a shoulder sit.

    But if you mean this:


    That is a piggyback ride.
  5. MyNaMeIsSaM New Member

    Hello Reinita!!!

    I'm really grateful for your help!!! You were very articulate by using these pictures!! Thanks!!

    Bye, bye :)

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